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Juniper Grave are…

  • Lead Vocals and Organ – Jenni
  • Guitar and Backing Vocals – Shonagh
  • Bass and Backing Vocals – Sarah
  • Drums – Jason

From the dreich, winding closes of Edinburgh come Juniper Grave. Riding out under the banner of debut album Of Hellions and Harridans, these four harbingers of doom have distilled the influence of fellow occultists Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth into the soundtrack to a Faustian bargain.

High priestess of doom Jenni Sneddon wields her smoke-and-honey voice like a weapon, by turns weaving tales of forgotten folklore and declaiming dread incantations, while she and her bandmates open a portal to the ‘70s with shimmering organs, enchanting backing vocals and syrupy, resinous riffs.

After honing their craft performing live rites in support of Witchsorrow, Slough Feg, Dystopian Future Movies & Church Of The Cosmic Skull they are ready to unleash their debut upon the earth.

Dare you make a bargain with powers beyond your ken? Step into the ritual circle, and allow Juniper Grave to prophesy your doom. Of Hellions & Harridans is due for release on Wasted State Records in November 2018 on vinyl, CD and digital. Join the coven at a show near you as they embark upon their UK tour this winter.